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Activision Will Lose & Or Settle With Novalogic Inc.

delta force activision trademark battle

I haven’t posted anything on NovaCommand regarding the court case Novalogic has against Activision and company for trademark infringement. I first posted info on regarding the suit.

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Animations – Angel Falls Project


If you’re a fan of Novalogic games, you’ve probably played the Delta Force franchise and Joint Operations branded games.  Within these games, you might also notice how the movement of your solider seems a bit static, rigid, or stiff.

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Part 2. DF/JO Confusion… Is This The Soon To Be Announced Blog?


Well…. where do I start? Perhaps you should read this article just to refresh yourself,  or if you haven’t been in the loop, please read this article so you’ll at least have a clue!

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Game Changer, Name Changer

Delta Force or Joint Ops Angel Falls?

Well it looks as if Delta Force Angel Falls might be something catered more towards Joint Operations fans. A Novalogic Flickr account has been found titled, Jointopsangelfalls. This Flickr account features a screen shot posted publicaly by Novalogic on Novaworld, Facebook and other social websites.

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