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Director of Design, Alpha Testing, Console Control Schemes, Updated Graphics Exposed


Raven (Brent Houston) Director of Design at Novalogic is looking to work for a “stable” company…..

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New Angel Falls Screens Are Actually Old

nova2013_1big copy

A German based website releases what appear to be two new photos from Novalogic copyright 2013. What’s the deal? Are they legit?

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Graphic Capability of Hammerhead?


Can we expect greater details and higher poly counts in Novalogic’s new game engine, Hammerhead?

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Joint Operations Research Photo Recycled


It appears the menu screen of DFX2 was created using a recycled research photograph taken in 2004…

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Angel Falls Project – Horses


Remember that colorful screenshot we all saw back in 2008 showing a number of horses running with saddles on?

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