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Same Level, Different Perspective?

Rocket Base/Gantry

After looking over the “Nova Gang” picture which was posted on Novaworld back in April of 2011 along with an email response to a fan from Mr. Garcia, I compared it to the most recent screenshot released by Novalogic, which shows little birds firing upon a rocket gantry.

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Gameloft/Novalogic Leave Comanche Grounded

ingame copy

Flashback: Summer 2010. Novalogic posts a graphic on it’s homepage of what appears to be an iPhone with a comanche helicopter on the screen. See photo below:

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Concept Art? Render? In Game Screen? You Decide


Well, this photo was posted on Novalogic’s facebook page back in early spring of 2012. Is this pure concept art, a render, or a screenshot? Or is it a mixture of everything? You decide. Let us know your opinions!

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Little Birds Fire Upon Rocket Base

Rocket Base

It’s been confirmed by our sources that the Little Birds in this screen shot released by Novalogic are firing upon a rocket base. Many Nova fans have commented on Novaworld that they would prefer fewer vehicles or at least infantry only servers.

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