Novalogic Damage Control – Images Deleted – Site Gone


Novalogic damage control – images deleted from Brent Houston Design…..

If this tells you anything…

 Entire site is gone..

Novalogic Damage Control – Images Deleted – Site Gone
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13 Responses to “Novalogic Damage Control – Images Deleted – Site Gone”

  1. SuperSixFour says:

    sad, but why? there was nice stuff from blackhawkdown, now all gone. a shame to react like this.

    • Don’t know the answer. Nova never seems to make much sense. Probably there was things that should not have been on there and instead of taking certain content down, the entire site was brought down. This way fingers could not be pointed at any one thing.

  2. oldfox says:

    Like i’ve said before Ed maybe your digging is getting to close to home and people are getting a bit twitchy … 😉

  3. Cangaroo.TNT says:

    Wouldn’t that be great if Mr. Garcia not only fires Brent Houston over this leak/debacle, but then prevents him from effectively marketing his skills and services by having him trash his own website?

    Of course I’m being sarcastic, even though I believe Mr. Garcia is the type of person to do that and not care.

  4. Matt73 says:

    Why put the website up for everyone to see then the moment someone finds out about the website it disappears..all this over a few thumbnails from videos you couldn’t even watch and a few screenshots..cmon guys, really.

    • Kesha_F1 says:

      I think these leaks are extremely undesirable for Nova, which is a court battle with Activision.

      After all, the gameplay screenshot (archive links in the comments), anything remotely similar to the series of Call of Duty. That’s why the title is a battle with the developer.

      Maybe, Nova something copied from CoD. In particular, I see a very bright colors and strong font, which is inherent in this game series.

      I may be mistaken.

    • Kesha_F1 says:

      As “hasty” cleaning traces – indicates that we are right in their assumptions about the AF. I’m pretty sure this new screenshots from the game. -_-

      Come one. Novalogic! Give us some official information about situation with AF and company. :’\

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