Delta Force Angel Falls – 2008 Screens & Discussion


Delta Force Angel Falls – 2008 Screens. Here is a bit of real terrain which marks some of the locations found in the original screen shots…

Below is a photograph of a part of Canaima National Park in Venezuela. Angel Falls itself is located in a different area than this. Notice the cluster of water falls, the village, lagoon/shores, flat top mountains, etc.


Details of Possible Terrain

Just wanted to compare it to the early build screens from 2008. Really makes you want to get into this world and explore, and play the game doesn’t it?



nova2013_1bigand finish off with some more photos below including some real maps of the area. This game is certainly on a much larger scale geographically then any Novalogic title including Joint Ops.




Delta Force Angel Falls – 2008 Screens & Discussion
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