RWong Alpha 2008 Models Show Conflicts


RWong Alpha 2008 Models Show Conflicts… Finally Resolved With Comparison Screenshot …

When NovaCommand first found the RWong Angel Falls models via his deviant art and blog portfolio, one thing that was “off” was the color of the dirt bike model compared to the actual 2008 Delta Force Angel Falls screenshot.

Original article here:

Below is the dirt bike models by RWong:

Official 2008 Delta Force Angel Falls Screenshot of soldier on dirt bike:


If you compare the color of the bike you will notice a difference. The model in the official screenshot is a bit richer in color (more green) then compared to the model. The next image below is a comparison between the updated image posted on RWong’s blog (probably within the past year or so) and it clearly shows a richer green color. This is the revised model which is most definitely the one in the official screenshot. I have also checked file names and they are different so this only further verifies a “unique” image.

Note: The very top image is the one that was found on an updated RWong blog, this particular version or color of the dirt bike was not there when the models and sources were found a couple of years back. Also notice the touches of rust or wear throughout the bike.


RWong Alpha 2008 Models Show Conflicts
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