Order – Case Dismissed Novalogic vs Activision


Order – Case Dismissed Novalogic vs Activision as of July 26th, 2013…


Order – Case Dismissed Novalogic vs Activision
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8 Responses to “Order – Case Dismissed Novalogic vs Activision”

  1. oldfox says:

    Woooow has Ed been dismissed along with the court case ? 😉

  2. oldfox says:

    That sounds more like it “404 Page not found” error .

    They haven’t been up front with the community before and I can’t see them starting now .

    If they do have anything in the pipeline will it ever be released ,
    DFAF’s and what ever else they have been working on will it be dumped or released ??

  3. Ninjaman says:

    So – case dismissed – now what?

    I suppose it all depends on what this case meant to Novalogic, or more specifically the owners of the company.

    Was it something that they were relying on in order to fund the completion of DFAF, and provide them with enough financial security for the next decade, in which case I suspect Nova now have nowhere to go unless they get funding from elsewhere.

    Was it just seen as an opportunistic “put all the game development on hold while we go for a big payout” strategy?

    As has been said, it would be good for Nova to say something now about the future, or will we just try to log in one morning and get a “404 Page not found” error.

  4. Cangaroo.TNT says:

    Hey, S12…Now that this charade is over is there any chance of Nova coming clean with their fans and maybe outlining a path forward with Angel Fall, or announcing the end of NL? Or, one day will the forums will just go away?

  5. Cangaroo.TNT says:

    BOOM! Headshot.

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