Official Screen Compared To Leaked Thumbnail


Here is a comparison of one official screen shot released by Novalogic of Delta Force Angel Falls to a thumbnail image from the BH leak…

Release officially by Novalogic as a Delta Force Angel Falls screen shot.

Below is a BH leak image (thumbnail from a private youtube video) showing the same area of the official screen shot. You can see the building/village area and the tree line match up.


Official Screen Compared To Leaked Thumbnail
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2 Responses to “Official Screen Compared To Leaked Thumbnail”

  1. Ninjaman says:

    BH leak – what is this of which you speak?

    I’ve not actually seen the second image before – when did this get out? Got any more details?

    (This is almost like CSI now – the patient is dead, but we want to know what was going on in their last hours…. :-( )

    • Hey Ninja,

      The screen capture below the official DFAF screen came out during the Brent Houston website fiasco. The image is a thumbnail from a private youtube video. The video could not be watched but I was able to find the thumbnail for it.

      I just noticed recently looking back over things that it’s the same area in the village as the official screen shot that was released. The chopper is obviously in a bit different position but you can see the trees and building are identical.

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