Valley Cemetery – Map for JOTR


The battle takes place on land filled with the smell of death! The hill center is placed in a ruin building and the ruin is in the middle of a large cemetary filled with tombs and plots. Each base is quite far away from the center, but you have vehicles.

There are also 2 psps. There is an entry gate to the cemetary however I wouldnt recommend it, try using the ladders set on the edge of the walls. Find a .50 cal emplaced on the base of the ruin buidling to help defend. The map has a mystic and errie feel with fog and rain and death!

Designed by: Sorceror12 (2005)


Game: JOTR (Joint Operations Typhoon Rising Map)

Download: ValleyCemetary

Valley Cemetery – Map for JOTR
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4 Responses to “Valley Cemetery – Map for JOTR”

  1. oldfox says:

    Nice looking map ed sounds like fun … :-)

    Its been some time since i last made any maps mainly DM,TDM,KOTH,TKOTH,A&D you get the picture …
    never got around too having a go at making a coop map …:-~

  2. Matt73 says:

    I mainly play coop maps these days but if we get more people to play I’ll defineatly join in. 😉

  3. Matt73 says:

    Cool map Eddy. Reminds me of a map I played a few years ago when I was in the IC tourny. :)

    • eddyray says:

      Thanks Matt! It’s a fun map perfect for 5-15 players. I have a couple others I created back in 2005 to upload for JO:TR 😛

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