Part 2: Concept Art Within Concept Art?


Hey NovaCommand fans, just thought I would add this small update concening the story we ran on Novalogic’s image that was first posted by them on their facebook page.

Here is a link to our original story so you can refresh yourselves. Go here:

I am not sure how I overlooked this and it’s quite interesting. Take a look at the photo below, I’ve added some highlights to draw your attention to the important areas that might be interesting to discuss. Simply click on the photo to make it larger.

In my opinion and through some discussions here at NovaCommand with our fans, some us were leaning towards the fact that the image itself is concept art, but the image on the laptop might be a screenshot. To make things interesting, please note the 2012 copyright on the laptop screen, it’s clearly on that image/screenshot.

It’s size and angle match the tilt of the laptop and you can also see the words, Rounds Remaining (with the latter part of “remaining” being cut off)

So to sum things up, we seem to be looking at a concept image with a screenshot edited in on the laptop screen. NovaCommand would love to see the laptop screenshot as an image all by itself… wouldn’t you?

With the dual copyright dates, one must think that we are seeing two separate images. Surely, you wouldn’t place a copyright date on an image twice if it is just one single image. Discuss.. ?


Part 2: Concept Art Within Concept Art?
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3 Responses to “Part 2: Concept Art Within Concept Art?”

  1. SuperSixFour says:

    it’s so bad photoshoped hey, very mindless lol.

  2. Matt73 says:

    The background is defineately concept art but the laptop screen looks like in-game footage to me. Also if you look under the copyright mark on the laptop screen it says “rounds remaining” so its looking more like a in-game screenshot than concept art.

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