Urban Conflict – Map for JOTR


Close quarters battle, TKOTH map. Dual entries/exits from each town base, two ladders to get in the zone quickly. A downed helicopter in the zone with attached minigun for defense.








Two .50 cals on either side for cover fire. Lots of hiding spots for stealth forces and even sniping. Includes some choppers, and jeeps to make the battle intense. The zone is between both sides in the street area.

Designed by: Sorceror12 (2005)


Game: JOTR (Joint Operations Typhoon Rising Map)

Download: UrbanConflictTwo

Urban Conflict – Map for JOTR
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4 Responses to “Urban Conflict – Map for JOTR”

  1. Batt22 says:

    Maps! I would like to make maps for JO. I bought the combined arms gold but it didnt come with a med…I tried to install one but had no luck. I do have DFX and DFX2 installed on my PC, any way to use one of those?

    I made a map for DFX2 called Batts Abbottabad, its a TKOH map but I would like to make it for JO as an ASS map on a JO terrain.

  2. Matt73 says:

    Hey Eddy, nice looking map. You should upload your map collection to novaworld1.com if you want. Or I can upload it for you. :)

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