DFAF News – Cats Outta The Bag


Are you familiar with the user DFAF News on Novaworld? Do you wonder who it is? Let’s explore DFAF News, unlocked!

First things first. By “unlocked” this simply means, we here at NovaCommand have stumbled across numerous findings that all point back to one person. For those of you not too familiar with DFAF News, this account on Novaworld was created back on April 8th, 2011.

This user has no friends listed and only has one post, however this post was one to remember. Below is the popular post containing a message from Novalogic’s CEO, Mr. Garcia in response to a users email. Click the image to enlarge.

Many Novalogic fans including ourselves here at NovaCommand were very excited to hear this update and see the picture of the “Nova Gang”.  Unfortunately, this is virtually the last we ever heard from Mr. Garcia and DFAF News. DFAF News last logged into Novaworld as of this writing on April 11th, 2012.

The question many brought up at Novaworld is, Who is DFAF News? A large amount of fans thought it might be Wupass – Jason Tull under another account, or perhaps Mr. Garcia himself. What Novacommand is about to present to you could be the X-Factor so to speak. All the information we have is public and has been gathered also by our staff of hundreds… well ok, one.

A number of screenshots are going to be posted to help explain how things connect. You may click on each image to enlarge.

1. First, the email attached to DFAF News on Novaworld is not one going to @novalogic. It’s a gmail account.

2. Doing some simple searches using the email we get the following results.

Oh, great! A facebook account. Hey, they only have 800,000,000 users, LOL.

3. Next is the facebook account of DFAF News. On facebook, you can easily enter an email address to search for users. Thanks facebook!

Well… look at that, he likes Novalogic!

4. Details, details, details. Here is the main page of DFAF News facebook profile. Note the big yellow arrow. Again, click to enlarge.

Some people might overlook this but remember, facebook allowed it’s users a year ago (perhaps 2) to choose a username for their profile. Many people reserved their names or nick names which allows them to be found easier. Notice the name and last 4 digits.

5. More searching, thanks to your favorite search engine. Whichever that may be! We have clicked on just one result of many. Again, it’s important to make a few notations.

  • California
  • Custom Computer Programming
  • Look at the phone number, ends in 5836 as does his facebook profile.


6. Then we are led to LinkedIn.com.

7. Nice resume. Here are a few more images of a few companies he has worked for, or is working for.


8. Now let’s go back and do a search instead of the email, we will use the username attached to DFAF News facebook profile.


Just a few more tidbits here.

To close:

Wow, DFAF News seems to have some high profile jobs. Did Novalogic hire a new programmer to replace Mark Davis who left for Dreamworks Animation in 2010? It appears Mr. Freeman isn’t the only programmer working his butt off for Angel Falls. Discuss your thoughts, leave your opinions here.

Be sure to stop by over at Novaworld and leave a comment on DFAF News profile page. Say hello! Keep up the great work DFAF News!!


DFAF News – Cats Outta The Bag
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3 Responses to “DFAF News – Cats Outta The Bag”

  1. Matt73 says:

    Good to see skilled staff members who are working on AF. Brings hope that maybe one day we’ll see a finished product. Good work on uncovering all of this, Ed. :)

  2. Cangaroo.TNT says:

    With a resume like that, what’s he doing being a stooge for Mr. Garcia? If I were Mr. McGuire, and my first assignment was to make a post in a forum, I’d tell Mr. Garcia I’m no goddamn secretary, and walk out!

  3. Kesha F1 says:

    Ouch Teddy! You really Sherlok Holms! :-)) One mask out from Nova! 😛 Keep going mate! :-)

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