Scharnhorst – Now Official Novalogic Staff

Scharnhorst Now Staff

Well, well, well… knew all along who Scharnhorst was… now it’s official.

Read our stories here on Novaworld user Scharnhorst first: and

Now, can show you “official” documentation that Scharnhorst isn’t your typical member on Novaworld.

Scharnhorst – Now Official Novalogic Staff
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5 Responses to “Scharnhorst – Now Official Novalogic Staff”

  1. oldfox says:

    Nice one sherlock now you just need to give him a little squeeze and see what you can get out of him …. :-)

  2. Ninjaman says:

    So – no more hiding in the background then.

    He should the servers more often visit, und der cheaters catch…..

    Wonder what his real role at Nova is?

  3. Matt73 says:

    Once you found out about the email it came clear that he was defineatly a new staff member. Good job Eddy :)

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