Novalogic’s Associate Producer – Gone!

novalogic associate producer

Many of you probably haven’t read this story before. It’s not very recent news,  perhaps a year or two old… but since the story hasn’t been published by anyone but me, I figure it’s good to let more of you know.

Here is a direct cut and paste over of the original story I wrote:

Yes, by now you realize I am a fan and community member of Novalogic and always find it interesting to see what is going on in Nova’s World… no pun intended. Since little is really known as to what is happening, it makes people like me dig around to find any grain of information I can.

Alex Gilman was Novalogic’s associate producer for several years until the fall of 2010 according to his profile over at LinkedIn. He is now writing content for Guest of A Guest. Alex’s job at Novalogic was Associate Producer, in charge of working with staff and developers by writing story boards, scenes, marketing materials, game manuals etc. One wonders whether or not he did most of his work for the development of Angel Falls, an unreleased Delta Force game by Novalogic.

Here is a cut and paste of what he has posted on for his work at Novalogic:

Managed a team of high-level programmers and artists in extremely deadline driven game design environment. Wrote and developed videogame storylines and concepts.  Wrote marketing, ad, manual, in-game and box copy for major titles and associated products. Worked directly with Director of Marketing and CEO to create and steer creative and marketing partnerships, sales and initiatives

In his time span of being at Novalogic, they only released 3 titles and of those 3, only one was new. Delta Force Xtreme 2 which was published in 2009. This was a budget title so I can wager that most of Alex’s time was spent on Angel Falls.

We shall see…

Update: I forgot to include that Alex Gilman’s username on Novaworld is Daqamagik . This user was listed as staff when he was still working with Novalogic. You will also see this username appear next to a couple of blog posts when Novalogic started it in 2009 to help promote DFX2.

Novalogic’s Associate Producer – Gone!
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4 Responses to “Novalogic’s Associate Producer – Gone!”

  1. oldfox says:

    How do we know if they are understaffed or not with the lack info we get from marketing ? :-(

  2. Coley says:

    There are a few left and they are making progress, slowly but surely. At the end of the day, half of the community complain about lack of support but we should probably be grateful that there are people left at all. It can’t be easy having to create such a highly anticipated title, understaffed. But the ones that complain and the ones that dont will more than likely buy Angel falls.

    I for one have faith that it will live up to the standard of previous titles that I still enjoy playing.

  3. Matt73 says:

    Wonder how many of the original Delta Force 1 to Joint Ops staff members are left working at Novalogic right now. I know lots of have left over the years but makes you wonder who stuck around.

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