Novalogic’s VP Implementing Kinect For Windows?


Once again this story comes from my other blog posted earlier this year but as usual, many of you probably haven’t come across it. Here is the full story as it appeared:

A full release, 1.0 of Microsoft’s Kinect Platform for Windows was available as of February 1st, 2012. We managed to dig up some interesting info in the MSDN forums (Microsoft  Developer Network Platform).

Apparently, Novalogic’s VP of technology (Kyle Freeman / aka The Kyle) was posting about a bug found in the beta driver 2 of the Kinect for Windows SDK. With this finding, it brings more hope to the Novaworld community as they can at least see something is going on… exactly what, and for what ..remains to be seen.  Could it be for the Angel Falls Project?

Below is a cut and past from Kyle Freeman’s response and question on the MSDN forums, (gothlore: is his screen name).

Friday, January 20, 2012 6:59 PM

Avatar of gothlore
“I am having the exact same problem.  Sometimes I loose the depth stream event, sometimes the color stream event, sometimes both.  The beta 2 driver seems to have a bug.”
Novalogic’s VP Implementing Kinect For Windows?
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4 Responses to “Novalogic’s VP Implementing Kinect For Windows?”

  1. illuminator says:

    But how Kinect could look like in a shooter ?

    • eddyray says:

      That is the question hehe. I had discussions with some novaworld users who say menus and overall UI, navigation type things could be implemented.

  2. eddyray says:

    Very good point Couq, Thanks for all your participation here. It is appreciated. It amazes me though how many people think Nova is doing nothing…

  3. Couq says:

    Well 😛 Of course something is going on, why would a company otherwise pay people salaries. Surely not just to sit on their asses and drinking coffee while making secret plans on how to seduce the community to think otherwise 😉

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