New Site For Gaming Fans – Nintendo Fans

Here is a new project of mine ready to rock and roll… Calling All Nintendo Fans and Gamers!


F-22 Lightning 3 – May 2015 Update

Garica Dusting Off His Programming Skills? Refining Older Titles With Improved Multi-Player Connectivity and HD Support…


Novalogic Goes From “Home” Connection To “Corporate” Internet Speeds

Novalogic has been in the process of upgrading speed and reducing lag over the past week or two… here are some results.


Official Screen Compared To Leaked Thumbnail

Here is a comparison of one official screen shot released by Novalogic of Delta Force Angel Falls to a thumbnail image from the BH leak…


Novalogic’s Net Assets from 401k plan 2006-2013

Here is a brief look at the net assets listed on the 401k plan for Novalogic Inc….


NovaLogic Posts New Facebook Update – 7 Months After Previous One


NovaLogic decided to post a facebook status update… and it’s been 7 months since their last one. Why even bother?

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Blackhawk Down – Trademark Renewed


Novalogic continues to dish out money to keep their most popular brands alive.

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Mr. Garcia Updated LinkedIn Pic And Title


Mr. Garcia has updated his linkedin profile picture and also added chairman in addition to his title as CEO.

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Scharnhorst MIA – Updated


Looks like Scharnhorst is MIA on the Novaworld forums. He has not logged in since August.

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Order – Case Dismissed Novalogic vs Activision


Order – Case Dismissed Novalogic vs Activision as of July 26th, 2013…

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