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Official Screen Compared To Leaked Thumbnail


Here is a comparison of one official screen shot released by Novalogic of Delta Force Angel Falls to a thumbnail image from the BH leak…

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Novalogic Doubles Bandwidth on Old Game Servers


The past week and a half Novalogic has announced some serious server maintenance which should result in double the bandwidth on game servers for BHD, JO and others…

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BHD – Is His Site Coming Back Up?


Most of us know what happened in early 2013 when Brent Houston’s website was found littered with screen shots, videos, and other details regarding Novalogic. More specifically their game engine, research, and early designs.

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Long Distance Gaming Love – Not A Good Idea


Seems the main reason L Rommel aka L Rommie on Novaworld always came across so brash and as a know it all is because she is dating Mr. Houston.

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Blackhawk Down – Trademark Renewed


Novalogic continues to dish out money to keep their most popular brands alive.

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