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F-22 Lightning 3 – May 2015 Update


Garica Dusting Off His Programming Skills? Refining Older Titles With Improved Multi-Player Connectivity and HD Support…

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7 Months Later – Novalogic Tweets


7 Months Later & Novalogic Finally Tweets Again….About Increasing Speeds, Less Lag…. Why?

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Novalogic Business Engine Still Idle – State of Novalogic


Novalogic’s business remains idle but is there any sign of it running out of gas completely? Most fans thought Novalogic would have been gone for quite some time, but they are still around doing what they’ve been doing for the last handful of years..

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NovaLogic Posts New Facebook Update – 7 Months After Previous One


NovaLogic decided to post a facebook status update… and it’s been 7 months since their last one. Why even bother?

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NovaLogic Inc Hardware Updates For NovaWorld


NovaLogic Inc Hardware Updates – Things Should Be Back By Weekend

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